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Condos for Sale in Oakville 

Oakville, being a suburban city in the Halton area, is located between Toronto, Hamilton and Lake Ontario. In 2016, Money Sense ranked Oakville as the fifth best place to live in Canada, highlighting why there is an immense scope for condos for sale in Oakville. The city's top employers come from the education, healthcare, and automotive industries. Some popular events in Oakville include Oakville Downtown Jazz Festival, Waterfront Music Festival, Arts Festival, Midnight Madness, and Oakville Family Rib Festival. 

According to the 2016 Canadian Census, there are 193,832 people living in Oakville. This marks a 6.2% hike from the 182,520 people in the 2011 census. This is significantly higher than Ontario's overall growth rate of 4.6% and Canada's growth rate of 5.0%. This growth marks an upward trend of condos for sale near Oakville Go Station. Most of the population of this city is of European descent and the largest visible minorities in the city are the Chinese, South Asians and Arabs.  

New Condos for Sale in Oakville Ontario 

Oakville is very popular, there is no question about it, which is why there is a high demand for condos for sale in Oakville. The city has a picturesque boardwalk, a historic downtown area, an abundance of green space, and an active community, making it especially popular with families. Not only is the bunch of beautiful housing winning Oakville the title, but the city is full of A + facilities too!  First of all, the public transport options are extremely convenient. Secondly, Oakville offers the most diverse school education options in the province. In addition to being covered by the Horton District Office of Education, the Horton Catholic District Office of Education, Conseil scolaire Viamonde, and Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir, there are more than 20 private schools serving Oakville. The active community of this not-so-small town really sets it apart from the nearby cities, creating a high buzz for condos for sale in Oakville.  

As the city's population has grown rapidly, so has the number of apartments for sale in Oakville, Ontario. In theory, Oakville is considered an expensive place to live, with a median home price crossing over $800,000. This number is due to the extremely high prices of single-family bedroom house in Oakville, most of which are verified by MLS listing. To read more about condos for sale in Oshawa, click here. Prices for apartments and townhomes are actually much lower than average, and for modern, newly built apartments, the average price falls around $ 500,000, which is comparatively cheap. 

Condos for Sale Near You 

If you're all set and ready to make your first investment, then consider acquiring a property from the wide range of condos for sale in Oakville as the city is advancing towards an overall development alongside outgrowing many of its counterparts. You can consider buying a property amidst the high rising city or in the rural outskirts of Oakville, Canada as both options have their own advantages. 

Oakville Neighborhoods 

Oakville is an appealing town around Ontario which is growing, with more people searching for condos for sale in Oakville with each passing day. The number of recently sold homes is quite high, which gives an ideal indication of how rapidly the real estate market is booming. Generally, Oakville consists of several alluring neighborhoods, of which the most popular ones remain Bronte, Falgarwood, West Oakville, Kerr Village, Waterfront, On Kerr Street Oakville, Glen Abbey and West Oak Trails.

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