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Condos for Sale in Newmarket

Newmarket is one of the most active and growth-driven real estate markets in Southern Ontario. Despite being a small town, Newtown is expected to see massive growth in the coming period due to the government's Plantation Land Act. This will lead to a wide-scale growth of condos for sale in Newmarket. The city greets its residents with a wealth of employment opportunities, cultural values, and local services. With Newmarket's strong development plans, the town suggests a future increase in demand for bedroom house under construction.  

Newmarket's growing population and employment opportunities make it an ideal city to invest in real estate. The city's population density is 2,000 people per square kilometer, making Newmarket the 33rd most densely populated area in Canada. The town also expects strong economic growth with excessive growth in industry facilities including business services, retail and manufacturing. In the coming future, more companies will invest in the condominium market in the area, which will increase the demand for Newmarket condos for sale. 

New Condos for Sale in Newmarket Ontario

According to the 2016 census, the population of Newmarket was 84,224, which is 5.3 percent more than five years ago. This is expected to continue as GTA continues to develop and densify its regions. The community is most likely to witness a significant growth, with some forecasts claiming that the city will reach a population count of 98,000 by 2026.This will result in diversification of the housing market and growth of demands for condos for sale in Newmarket. 

Newmarket is one of the designated urban growth centers under the Places to Grow Act. The Growth Center is centered at the intersection of Yonge Street and Davis Avenue, which is a big reason behind the growing number of condos for sale Davis drive, Newmarket. This is currently a commercial area, but we look forward to more condo developments in the future here. To read more about condos for sale in Hamilton Ontario, click here. 

The town's economy is also strong mainly because it has a diverse collection of industries including business services, knowledge industries, manufacturing, and retail. In addition to its own industry, the city is also close to some of the most prosperous regional economies in southern Ontario. It is less than 30 minutes drive from the city of Markham, known to be one of the most important technology centers in the region.  Even the financial district is within walking distance, less than an hour's drive. All of this contributes to the high number of condos for sale in Newmarket. 

Condos for Sale Near You 

At Anot Homes, we understand and value the process of buying a condo house for sale by owner and hence come up with a MLS listing of cheap properties under $300,000. According to choice, you can either choose 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom houses.To know more about condos for sale in Burlington, click here. The average price per sq foot of a new house in Newmarket is $690, and the average rental price in the main town goes upto  $2,400. The demand for condos for sale in Newmarket and Aurora is very high, with only 0.9% vacancy rate. 

Newmarket Neighborhoods 

Newmarket is an evolving town, situated at the heart of Ontario. This town has witnessed an excessive development in the housing market, which has directly led to condos for sale in Newmarket. The most sought after and high in value neighborhoods of this town are Stonehaven, Armitage, Huron Heights, Bristol and Gorham.

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