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Condos for Sale in Aurora 

Located in the heart of the greater Toronto area, Aurora is a fast-growing and diverse community. The city falls in the center of the York region and has a diversified economy, a skilled workforce, and a well-connected transportation hub, which has increased the demand for condos for sale in Aurora. The city is home to large companies such as State Farm and York Regional Police Headquarters, as well as numerous parks and trails, making it an ideal location for a family community. This is perhaps why the city has several low rise houses, which are verified by MLS listing. 

According to the 2016 Canadian Census, 55,445 people live in Aurora. This marks a 4.2% hike from the 53,203 in the 2011 census and is only 4.6% behind the growth rate of Ontario and 5% behind Canada. More than 86.3% of Aurora's population is white, representing the majority of its city dwellers. 

New Condos for Sale in Newmarket and Aurora 

Aurora has a growing community with approximately 58,000 residents, which according to experts, will increase to 70,000 by 2031. This will directly lead to a high demand for condos for sale in Aurora as the city continues to attract business, tree-lined communities with newly built bungalows, larger homes and condos share space with large stores and employment land. In short, Aurora is ideal for those who want to live close to their workplace. The city's housing market  can meet the needs of people at different stages of life and will account for the majority of Aurora condos for sale. 

Features like convenient freeway access and reliable transportation make it easy to visit Aurora or to and from Aurora. Highway 404 connects commuters to other parts of the GTA, and GO Transit has a train to downtown Toronto. All of this contributes to Aurora's impressive median household income of $ 106,708. The city is also served by York Regional Transit (YRT), which includes several local routes and the Viva Blue Bus Rapid Transit service. Aurora GO Transit is a stop on the Barrie GO Transit line, where trains head south to Toronto approximately every 15-30 minutes during weekday morning rush hours, and head north to Barrie approximately every 30 minutes during afternoon rush hours. 

According to the GO Transit Regional Express Rail plan, by 2024, peak, noon, afternoon and weekend service between Aurora and Toronto will increase to every 15 minutes, using electric trains instead of the current full line between Barrie and the train. Aurora is undoubtedly a perfect community for people who want to live a secluded lifestyle full of luxury that is community oriented yet connected to downtown. A large number of new condos for sale Aurora new market are going to surface soon, which can be a good investment option for new and seasoned investors. 

Condos for Sale Near You 

If you are looking to invest your money in real estate, then consider buying condos for sale in Aurora as it is a good starting point. Aurora's condo MLS listing features elegant properties to deal in, ranging from 3 bedroom house under $300,000, 2 bedroom house under $200,000 and cheap 1 bedroom house. In order to come up with the best property type, you can choose from a variety of criteria, such as proximity to nightlife and restaurants, community noise levels, and accessibility to public transportation. At the end of the day, finding the best condos for sale in Aurora is a complex deal, but you can refer us for guidance. To read more about condos for sale in Mississauga, click here.  

Aurora Neighbourhoods 

Aurora is a growing city and hence incorporates developed and well-acquainted neighborhoods which are quite popular. These neighbourhoods multiply the value of condos for sale in Aurora. Out of all, the most popular neighborhoods of the city are New Market, Aurora Hills, Heather Ridge, Saddle Rock, Meadow Hills, Aurora Highlands and Copperleaf.

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