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What Are The Best Neighborhoods Toronto?

What are the Best Neighborhoods Toronto? 

Toronto, Ontario, is one of the most popular and best cities of Canada. It has an official count of 140 recognised neighborhoods and 238 unofficial communities, making it a culturally diversified city. Due to such an expansive nature, Toronto is referred to as the "City of Communities", having an ideal combination of extensive urban and semi urban areas. Are you a home-seeker looking for the best neighborhoods Toronto? Before you conceptualize your research, it is important to understand that while one neighborhood can be the best for one person, it can be the opposite for the other. With that being said, we have come up with a list of best neighborhoods Toronto below, purely curated on generalized and universal terms. 

1. The Harbourfront 

Harbourfront is one of the leading and best neighborhoods Toronto one can choose to live in. What ranks this community above all is its close proximity to Lake Ontario, and the ten-minute divine walkway to the city center, where all fun meets end. Whether you're looking for efficient real estate properties, natural serenity, or a hub of entertainment, Harbourfront is the go-to neighborhood in Toronto.

This community is also well placed, in terms of location, and has one of the most effective transportation networks GTA. There are significant train stations like the VIA train station, Union Station, GO Bus Stop and many more. Canada's leading airport, the Billy Bishop Airport is also located nearby Harbourfront. 

2. Annex 

The annex is a meeting place for young creative enthusiasts and working professionals. Keeping track of its history, this neighborhood has been a home to large-scale university students and academic faculty of Canada's top-notch university, the Toronto University. This community, which is one of the best neighborhoods Toronto, is a culmination of old houses, tree-lined streets, recreational spots, and restaurants and bars.

Although Annex has grown in status as a student-dominated neighborhood, it is not so, as the local housing market has witnessed the emergence of several businesses, especially, along the Bloor Strip in recent years. Such a vivid expansion has made the neighborhood a lucrative area to opt for residence. On an overall basis, Annex is still considered an educational hub, but in reality, it is much more beyond that. 

3. Kensington

Kensington has its unique and firm sense of independent spirit. The residents of this neighborhood are highly amiable and welcoming, which makes it one of the best neighborhoods Toronto. Right from detached to connected houses, you will find a wide array of real estate properties in this area, having a variation of low to high cost.

Kensington's network of shopping streets has an amalgamation of enriching cafes, quirky bars, thrift shops, bookstores and fresh produce outlets. Location wise, Kensington is situated in Chinatown and is connected by frequently used streetcar lines, namely the 506 college to the north and 505 Dundas to the south. 

4. West Queen West 

West Queen West can be referred to as the coolest and best neighborhoods Toronto. Back in 2014, Vogue magazine called it the second coolest neighborhood not only in Canada alone, but also in the entire world!

Homeowners enjoy a variety of places where they can drink, eat, dance, party hard and also shop extensively. If that doesn't make West Queen West the coolest, then what will? There is another factor that justifies the hype of this neighborhood and it is that every intersection has its own unique sense of style and glamor; ranging from mainstream global fashion to chic local products. This neighborhood never shuts down and is certainly one of the best places to live in Canada. 

5. Roncesvalles 

Roncesvalles is a popular and one of the best neighborhoods Toronto. The most intriguing area of this community is Avenida Roncesvalles, which is a side street in its own right, lined with charming coffee shops, second-hand bookstores, and quaint restaurants and bars. If you're looking to move in with your family, the High Park area in this neighborhood will be a good fit as it's both safe and well connected.

Research tells that the reason why this community is highly preferred by many is because it somewhat provides a sense of peace and tranquility among the hustle and bustle of Toronto's city life. In comparison to other neighborhoods, Roncesvalles is relatively less crowded too. Although it stands apart from other communities, it has an access to the lakeside bike path, which makes getting into the area easier and also provides the crowd an opportunity to enjoy both; the urban culture as well as the less chaotic environment.