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What is the Difference Between a Condo and Townhouse?

Are you deciding on a condo vs townhouse for your next ideal home? There are subtle but unique differences between condo and townhouse, which can mean the difference between your dream home and the middle home; ultimately, it all depends upon your preferences. We have come up with proper definitions of the terminology that go behind the whole debate of condo vs townhouse that will focus on the factors which are commonly considered by most when they decide between them both. It is important to note that some condos function as townhouses, but there are several exceptions to these rules. Therefore, without falling into the dilemma of a varied bunch of legal definitions, we would like to generalise these terms and refer to them as \"in most cases\". With that being mentioned, let us go through the confusion of what is the difference between condo and townhouse in detail below and determine which kind of property is the most ideal for you. In short, read more about condo vs townhouse below. 


What is a condo?

A condominium or condo (as is popular among the masses) is a single building or a community of buildings with separate units owned by individual residents. Like apartments, condos generally differ in size or style, which varies from single-family homes to high-rise buildings. Unlike apartments, residents own and maintain their own interior units. However, they do not own the property where the building is located. The exterior, lawns, and shared spaces are generally owned by apartment companies and maintained by the Homeowners Association (HOA). The company is jointly owned by all apartment owners and collects overhead maintenance and overhaul costs. Residents are answerable to their sole personal homeowners insurance, but shared space insurance has to be included in the fees paid. It is important to consider that condo and townhouse are common concepts and can go hand-in-hand together. 


What is a townhouse?

Townhouses or semi-detached houses usually refer to a type of building that are multi-storey, independently owned houses that share walls with other houses on one or both sides. It is important to know that townhouses can be divided into several categories. Some townhouses are used as apartments. Like any other apartment, the buyer only owns the interior space, while the building itself is owned by the apartment company and maintained by the homeowners association. This is a key difference to note when we make a comparison of condo vs townhouse. Other townhouses function more like traditional houses. When things are put into consideration, we can figure out that there are not many differences between a condo and townhouse. You can also read more about what is the difference between condo and apartment here. 


What is the Difference between Condo and Townhouse? 

There are not many grave points of difference between a condo and townhouse. You will get to know about such differences below. 


Responsibilities that follow with the owning right of a condo: 

As we have explained above, the condo is part of a large residential area hosted by the Homeowners Association. The HOA uses a set of rules to manage the complex, which were determined when the association was first established and supervised by the owner. When we talk about a condo and townhouse, the HOA\'s role only concerns that of a condo and not a townhouse. When looking for a resort that meets your needs, these contracts, conditions and restrictions or CC & Rs are worth considering. 

The rules and regulations for condominiums are broader than those for townhouses because the HOA of condominiums control more development space. This can be very useful when roofs need to be replaced or parking spaces need to be laid, as residents are not personally responsible for such maintenance or expenses. However, it should be noted that individual needs will be compared with the needs of the entire community and will take longer to implement. If you are searching for investing in real estate properties, you can also find tips for buying a condo in Toronto, Ontario on our website. 

People also read this guide to avoid mistakes if you are going to buy a home first time.


Responsibilities that follow with the owning right of a townhouse: 

By owning a townhouse, the owner is responsible for the exterior of the house as well as the surrounding grounds. When a comparison is drawn between condo and townhouse, the shared space in townhouse communities is usually much smaller. The owner assumes more personal responsibilities for his family and property, giving him more space for independence. In that case, does it mean that the owners can enjoy complete freedom of their own? Well, not exactly. Many detached townhomes are also managed by HOA, which usually handles things like garbage removal and snow removal. However, it will also limit the aesthetic choices of community housing.  This means adjusting the color of the house, the type of roof, and even the style of the mailbox. Townhouses are a combination of independence and shared responsibility, and are more suitable for some people than others. Check out our exclusive range of condo purchase checklists on our website. You can also find all kinds of condo and townhouse properties with us. Are you looking for Condos for Sale in Vaughan?  

Hope that the above-mentioned information gives you the answer to your question of what is the difference between condo and townhouse. As is evident enough, the condo vs townhouse debate is an ever-lasting concept and can often be confusing for the ones who are not associated with the real estate business venture. If you are looking to buy condo and townhouse and are searching for consultancy, please feel free to contact us. We will handle everything for you. 

Here are some of the common FAQs that are searched by most customers who are looking to invest or know more about condo and townhouse. These answers will further provide you with a deeper analysis of condo vs townhouse and help you attain an in-depth knowledge of the two: 


Q1. Which is bigger, a townhouse or condo? 

Ans. This is a frequently asked query of a person who is looking to invest in real estate. Among the two housing style of condo and townhouse, in general, condos are smaller than townhouses. 

Q2. Is a townhouse worth more than a condo? 

Ans. A condo vs townhouse comparison gives us a rough idea that condos have higher resale value than that of a townhouse. Typically, a townhouse is not worth more than a condo.