Best Neighborhoods in Ajax: Find Ideal Locations to Buy your New House

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Oct 25, 2021

Real Estate GTA Neighborhoods Guide

The city of Ajax is located in the heart of the Durham area and is one of the fastest-growing areas in the Greater Toronto Area. It is generally known for its 70 hectares, 7 kilometers of land, and well-maintained nature trails that surround Lake Ontario, making it one of the top locations for housing and real estate.  Looking at the potential of the city, we have come up with the best neighborhoods in Ajax where you can consider buying your own home. 

1. Duffins Bay 

For those who want to live in Ajax, Dafins Bay is a great community option as it has a habitability score of 83 points and an A + rating for crime reduction and services, A for schools and colleges, and B+ grade for job opportunities. In addition, Duffins Bay has an excellent overall crime rating. 

Compared to national standards, the overall crime rate in this community has dropped by 35%. In terms of general real estate prices, the median price in this neighborhood is 20% lower than in other areas of Ajax, which makes it a good fit for housing. Another striking feature is that the security of the area is highly commendable as it is surrounded by communities and cities with lower crime rates. All these features together rank Duffins Bay as one of the best neighborhoods in Ajax. 

2. Nottingham 

Nottingham is an Ajax community that has acquired a livability score of 84 in recent years. It has an A + rating for facilitating crime, employment, and schools. When a comparison is drawn to the national average, the crime rate for residents here has decreased by 54%. Nottingham remains not only one of the best neighborhoods in Ajax but also in the entire Ontario community. 

Due to its high demand and intrinsic value, Nottingham's local housing market is expensive and hence costs more than others. 

3. Riverside 

Riverside is considered as one of the best neighborhoods in Ajax due to its impressive liveability rating powered by high job availability, extensive safety, and all-around growth. 

Riverside scored 83 points in terms of habitability while receiving an A + grade for low crime rates, high employment rates, housing, and impressive schooling. In terms of crime, it registered 37% lower than any other communities in Ajax, making Riverside a top search for most homeowners. 

4. Westney Heights 

For those who want to live in a safe and evolving community, Westney Heights is the ideal location in Ajax. On an overall basis, the community has earned a livability score of 89, making it a top priority in the entire GTA area as well. Although the crime rate in this neighborhood is 8% higher than in other Ajax neighborhoods, yet in general, the living environment in this area is considered to be safe. 

In comparison to other communities, the cost of real estate in Westney Heights is much less that makes all kinds of housing; be its connected houses, detached ones, or an apartment, both affordable and popular. 

5. Applecroft 

Applecroft has been given a score of 83 in terms of livability, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Ajax. On an overall basis, the community has been also graded as A+ in terms of amenities, employment, and crime. 

Applecroft's safety standards are highly spoken of, which makes it an even better location to settle with a family. It also consists of alluring tourist destinations and keeping track of it, the Canadian government has demarcated it to be a leading spot for destinations in the entire Toronto area. 

Anot Group
Oct 25, 2021
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