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What are the Best Neighborhoods in GTA; Find the Most Ideal Neighborhood to Buy your House

Spacious homes, world-class schools, and quiet streets are just the beginning in finding a community that's right for your housing. GTA resembles a community of such sort, surrounded by every neighborhood imaginable: family-friendly suburbs, historic and mature cities with brick houses, prosperous cities alongside featuring appealing job opportunities and many others, the variety is infinite and so are the prices. In this particular article, we are about to feature the best neighborhoods in GTA and provide you with an extensive list of communities to choose from. 

1. Mississauga 

Mississauga is one of the best neighborhoods in GTA to buy a house. Over the years, as house prices in the city have risen, the city has welcomed a large number of Toronto aspirant residents. The neighborhood has had many new residential developments that give buyers the option of living close to downtown Toronto without having to pay the downtown price. This feature is unique and is probably the reason behind Mississauga being ranked among the best neighborhoods in GTA. Currently, it has big projects going on like the Exchange District apartment at 151 City Center Drive in downtown which is scheduled for completion in late 2023. Developments such as this is going to increase the demand for housing in Mississauga, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto GTA. Bedroom Condos for Sale in Mississauga.

2. Kensington

Kensington as a neighborhood has a strong spirit of independence, which makes it one of the best neighborhoods in GTA. Kensington's market street network is lined with thrift shops, bookstores, cafes, quirky bars and fresh produce shops. The prime reason behind Kensington being a popular choice of housing is its easy transportation accessibility.  Being located on the west side of Chinatown, College Street to the north and Dundas Street to the south, hence connecting it with two frequent streetcar lines: 505 Dundas to the south and 506 College to the north. 

3. Annex 

The Annex happens to be a gathering place for young professionals and young creatives. This community has historically been the residence of the students and faculty of the University of Toronto, making it the best neighborhood in GTA for schools. Annex as a neighborhood is a combination of tree-lined streets, old houses, bars and restaurants for students. This is by no means a student-only area as the Bloor Strip has opened a host of new businesses in recent years, making it an attractive area for residents of any age group or population. However, this change caused the region to lose some of its characteristics like Toronto's famous Honest Ed's and Brunswick House landmarks have been closed in recent years. In an overall manner, Annex is a hub of education and also one of the best neighborhoods in GTA. 

4. Woodbridge

Over the years, Woodbridge has rapidly transformed into a metropolis in the northern part of the city center and outside the core of Toronto. Everything that one can think of can be found here, including the headquarters of many large companies, offering many job opportunities alongside all the other amenities that people may desire for. You can read more on will house prices drop in GTA here. The advent of such a nature is what makes Woodbridge one of the best neighborhoods in GTA.

Woodbridge also has a host of new development projects and dozens of them have been already developed over the years and are still emerging. The neighborhood not only offers a varied bunch of appealing single-family homes on beautiful grounds but also builds townhomes and apartments each year for being a region featuring better housing facilities. This also ranks Woodbridge among the best neighborhoods in GTA for families.


5. West Queen West

In a recent development, Vogue Magazine ranked West Queen West as the second coolest neighborhood in the entire world which automatically highlights the significance that the neighborhood carries in itself. The entire neighborhood is filled with all kinds of boutiques, vintage clothing stores, record stores and galleries which certainly makes it one of the best neighborhoods in GTA. 

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is a potentially expanding region for housing and other real estate facilities. However, due to the nature of high soaring prices, the entire region might sometimes fall out of your focus and preference. In order to do away with the problems associated with the high price hike in GTA, you may choose any of the above-mentioned neighborhoods which are possibly the best neighborhoods in GTA. 

By choosing to reside in these neighbourhoods will let you access GTA as well reside nearby at a price that is comparatively low. Based on your personal preference and budget, you can make a choice from these neighbourhoods. Apart from the above-mentioned, there are also other popular neighborhoods in GTA which include Roncesvalles, Rosedale, Ajax, Easy Chinatown, Danforth Village, Milton, Little Italy, Bloordale Village, and many others.