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Which is the Best City to Live in Ontario, Canada?

Which is the Best City to Live in Ontario, Canada? 

Canada incorporates a variety of beautiful and worthy provinces that in turn have incredible cities. Ontario, a major province of the country, is by far also the most preferred one among residents and global visitors. Are you someone looking to move down to Canada and are now wondering about the best city to live in Ontario, Canada is? If yes, then this article is solely meant for you. Here are the top rated cities of Ontario to choose from in 2022: 

1. Toronto 

Toronto, popularly known as the capital of Ontario, is the most populous city in Canada, having an approximate count of 2.9 million residents. It is a hub of cultural diversity and celebration, containing people with different types of culture, race, traditions, beliefs and values. The unemployment rate of Toronto is pretty low, when compared to the national average, making it a good prospect for career and entrepreneurship. Although it is one of the most expensive locations to settle in, yet a life here means a journey near to perfection, which makes it the best city of Ontario as well as Canada. 

2. Ottawa 

Ottawa, a city located near the border of Montreal and the United States, is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is home to several institutions pertaining to higher education, research and culture, which is the reason why it also has the most educated proportion of population across the entire country. The National Art Center, the National Museum, and the National Gallery are some of the top rated educational and cultural institutions of the city.

These popular hubs have collections of Aboriginal art and other renowned Canadian art. Apart from these, Ottawa's home to two major public universities, two major public universities, two Catholic universities, four major public school boards, and numerous Ottawa public schools and public libraries, making it not only an educational hub but also the best city to live in Ontario for the ones seeking value-based education. 

Ottawa has more than 961,921 residents and its economy is booming, involving the health sector, public services, technology, and real estate. The crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants is approximately 3,721.95 and the unemployment rate is 7.2%. Culturally, it is bustling with life throughout the year, starting with Winterlude in February and continuing through the Canadian Tulip Festival in May. 

3. Oakville 

For those who want to live outside of Toronto, Oakville is one of the best places to consider.  It is a small city in southern Ontario, located in the Halton area on Lake Ontario, between Toronto and Hamilton. Oakville has a population of over 211,382 people and relies on the education sector as it stands as the largest employer in the workforce. Other popular labor activities in Oakville pertains to the auto and health departments. It is a widely popular location and is often considered as the best city to live in Ontario by many. 

Cultural events and festivals are quite popular in Oakville. Some of the most widely known events and festivals in Oakville include the Jazz Festival, Downtown Oakville, Kerrfest, and Waterfront Music Festival. In addition to being a hub of business and education, Oakville also boasts it's exposure in sports and other recreational activities. Soccer, kayaking, lacrosse, hockey, skating, etc. are the most popular sports among the residents and visitors of Oakville.  

4. Burlington

Nestled between the north shore of Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment is Burlington, a bustling city with a small town atmosphere of over 192,294 people. It boasts top-notch amenities, especially in the urban junctures with a rich variety of shops and restaurants, and major Ontario festivals and events. Burlington's popular attractions include the Burlington Performing Arts Center and Royal Botanic Gardens. 

What makes it the best city to live in Ontario for many is its lucrative nature of offers pertaining to incredible career opportunities for residents and visitors. The unemployment rate here is just 4%, along with a low crime rate of 2,177.03 per 100,000 residents. Until now, Burlington has retained its agricultural and business expertise and the city attracts companies from Canada and around the world for the same. It is also a booming industry for environmental and logistics, financial services, software development, biotechnology, and manufacturing companies. 

5. Bracebridge 

Bracebridge was built around a waterfall on the Muskoka River at Blassbridge and is famous for the other waterfalls that surround it. It is home to many historical sites and is one of the main tourist attractions of Ontario. The city acts like a cabin that can accommodate over 16,593 residents. The city's unemployment rate is 3.2%, but still manages to maintain a stable economy through trade, tourism, and production.

Bracebridge is a safe place to live, with a crime rate of 3,998.49 per 100,000 people. It's secure environment, stable economy and high potential attractions make it the best city to live in Ontario. One should know that the lakes and rivers surrounding Bracebridge make it a great place to live in spring and summer. With that said, residents can engage themselves in different recreational activities including water sports, and relaxing on the cottage dock. 

6. Waterloo 

Waterloo is the smallest of the three municipalities in the Waterloo area, but is certainly the best city to live in Ontario. Being home to several large tech companies, it is best considered as a tech giant city. The technology sector is the largest employer of workforce in Waterloo. The city has two major universities in Canada: the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Besides being a tech-resolute location, it is also one of the safest cities in Ontario, with more than 108,728 residents and a crime rate of 4,716.50 per 100,000.